Images, GIFs and videos for Evision Ecommerce for their website and social media.

Banner for Evisions blog.

Instagram videos/animation for social media.

Web icons

Design used for t-shirts and bottles for Muehlhan Wind Service.

Vector graphics and illustrations made as Instagram content. Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe After Effects.

Vector graphics for NÜ Denmark. Made for Instagram. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

Decorative robots for Pember Homes –

Concept, illustrations & animations on Illustrated in hand, then digitalized in Adobe Illustrator. Animations are created using Adobe Character Animator and Premiere Pro.


Character Design
Web Icons
Social Media Content

Illustrations can be used in your marketing strategy. It can help your business appear more friendly and communicate a message better and faster then words.

  1. They are scalable and have “infinite” resolution.
  2. They are good for small file sizes.
  3. They are easily reusable and can easily be edited and manipulated.
  4. They are multipurpose.
  5. They can be edited with code.
  6. They can be animated.