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About me

I was born and raised in Denmark but I am always out exploring the world. I love working with people and my skills range from Illustration to user experience design. I believe in being a visual advocate for the user. I work as a self-employed Web Designer and Illustrator.

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Follow me on my colorful journey as a freelance designer & illustrator.

  • 🌽🍄🍌🍎🌿🍋🍌 + 8-10 hours of sleep + water + hair mask from @thehairlust = healthy 👸 hair.

  • Fresh air and sunshine! 🌼🌼🌼 #spring
  • I am so lucky to have received a bunch of cute products from @sostrenegrene spring collection, including this pink tote bag.... I had to add a little 🤖 to it ofc! 🌻🌱 .

#søstrenegrene #sponsored #pink #thehappyrobots #cute #design #pinkfeed #spring #springcollection #vsco #doeshashtagsworkin2019
  • Stay colorful 🌈
  • LA had been so good to me this past couple of weeks, full of colors and positive energy. It's been fun networking, seeing old friends and meeting new friends 💕I feel charged!! 🔋🌞 Heading back to good ol' Europe in a few days 🌍
  • My safe haven and my favorite color palette 🌊💕 #losangeles #santamonica #colorful
  • Fun night in La la land! 🦄 📸 @djlaiblin
  • I slept the weekend away 😴😴 & played sims 1. Then i animated my robot inspired by.....well, i am sure you can guess it when you see the video. Happy Monday! 🤖🎉
  • I made a little christmas robot 🤖💫🎄🎁 @thehappyrobotss 
#thehappyrobots #2d #vector #illustration #robot #pink
  • California dreamin'.. On such a winter's day 🎶🌧
  • Som den kaffe entusiast jeg er, så er jeg super spændt på at lave denne GIVEAWAY!!☕💖 I samarbejde med @brewcompany kan du vinde - ikke bare kaffe... men en kaffejulekalender. 24 lækre pakker kan blive dine🎄

For at deltage skal du kommentere billedet eller tagge en du kender som ville elske at få kaffekalenderen tilsendt. 
Vinderen bliver fundet næste uge (uge 48). 100% økologisk, fair trade, single estate kaffe. What's not to like? Læs mere om kaffen her http://zpr.io/6wRRt // Konkurrencen er ikke sponsoreret eller støttet af Instagram // .
#friskbryggetjulehygge #coffeetime 
  • A while back I went on an adventure to this beautiful, divine place of Acropolis. Home of good ol' Socrates! It felt pretty damn special being there! 🏛☄ #acropolis #parthenon #athens #greece