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Hello, I'm Maria. I'm a freelance web designer & Illustrator.

If you have a project or a creative need that i can help with, please get in touch.

maria j andersen

My story?

Born and raised in Denmark but always exploring the world. I love working with people and my skills range from Illustration to web design. I believe in being a visual advocate for the user.

Life is an exciting journey. I work remote and i love visiting my clients around the world. 

Projects/companies that I worked with

What people say?

Maria har været ansat som timelønnet annoncedesigner og hjemmeside administrator og har desuden stået for at lave opslag på Odense Designakademis hjemmeside og instagramkonto. Da Maria endvidere var i stand til at overholde tidsfrister og var god til at lytte til de ønsker jeg eller skolens medarbejdere måtte have gjorde kun samarbejdet nemmere og bedre. Jeg kan derfor varmt anbefale Maria til opgaver, hvor det skal være tydeligt, at afsenderen har et ønske om at fremstå smagfuld, men også med lidt kant.
Artistic, agile, and sociable are words that could easily describe Maria. I had the pleasure of working with her at the Launch Festival Hackathon in San Francisco. We were part of a team that developed a web application, which required exquisite UI & UX design. She started simple, with wireframes for the User Interface, designed our project logo, and did amazing work with HTML5 & CSS3 and Adobe Illustrator. Maria has a great sense of humor. No matter how tense things got, she kept us all smiling. I highly recommend her for designer positions.


Follow me on my colorful journey as a freelance designer & illustrator.

  • Logo design i made a while back for a teen metal band in NorCal🎸

Handdrawn + vectorized in @adobe Illustrator 💻

#logo #logodesign #graphicdesign #freelancedesign #drawing #metalcaskett
  • Today is my one year anniversary of being self-employed! 📅💕 Rough start - Trying to sell myself to potential clients while dealing with a broken heart and the death of a beloved family member, not fun. It's very difficult to stay sane and to be seen in a world with so many talented people but i love what i do so i know I'll succeed. Let me rephrase that.. I do what i love so i am already successful. Happy December 1st 😇

Also..If you need a designer..call me 💻❤
  • Los familios ❤
  • #tbt fall 2017 ☺ Displaying The Happy Robots paintings at @nationalmuseet with other artists from @deungeskaber 🖼
  • Besides making art at @tinderbox_official 2 years in a row, "my painting" has been pretty low key for 3 years. I have to be really inspired to paint... and it takes foreverrrrrrrrr.... ⏳ we'll see. Maybe I'll come up with something fun and colorful this winter. 
p.s. I miss summer ...and i miss having a real tan 😂 
#winter #spraytanlife
  • Keep swiping for video 🌞 another art throwback.

This is from summer 2018. I painted my robot universe at @tinderbox_official 🤖 it was about 13 m wide x 2m tall. First time painting something that big and also first time really working with spray paint. I honestly had no clue what i was doing but i did my best and i couldn't have done it without my beautiful helpers

It was a beautiful week!!! 🌞 art, sunshine and amazing music 💕

#tinderbox #tinderbox2018 #art #colors #pastelcolors #thehappyrobots
  • #tbt my first time displaying @thehappyrobotss paintings at @kunstbygningenfilosoffen in Odense, Denmark. It was really exciting but really weird at the same time because the paintings were so personal and i worked on them for 9 months. The happy robots story was inspired by falling in love and inspired by my then relationship but when the exhibition was up i was really heart broken.. 💔😂👏 bittersweet! Such a beautiful day though 🌻☄
  • #tbt to summer 2018. Displaying my @thehappyrobotss paintings at @anexet.lundsgaard 🖼🌞❤ Exhibition arranged by @deungeskaber 
#art #tb #thehappyrobots
  • Thriving in sunshine 💫 like a sunflower 🌻🌻🌻🌻
  • Zoning out 👽💫💭 .

#animation #characteranimator #illustrator #numb #mistaken #daisieapp #tovelo
  • 🌧
  • Me in the morning 💫💫💫💫 The animation was made in @adobe Character Animator & Premiere Pro.

#adobe #art #animation #premierepro #characteranimator #2d #illustration